Contracts are the life-blood of your business. It’s important you get this exactly right. We’re here to make sure you do.

Our lawyers have extensive expertise in contract negotiations, drafting and enforcement.

We’re happy to help at any stage of the process: contract negotiations; drafting a contract to record the oral agreement reached; seeking to enforce the terms of a contract; seeking remedy for a contractual breach; seeking damages and compensation for the other party’s breach. We can do it all.

Fixed Fee: Draft Contract Review

We’ve had quite a few clients ask us to review and fix a draft contract – either one they found online, one they drafted themselves based on other examples, or one the other party has drafted for them.  We understand that our clients want the cheapest possible option, but also want legal protection, and a contract that will actually work for their purposes.  That’s where we come in.  We will review, fix, explain, and advise on draft contracts, all for a fixed fee.  Here are our sample prices:

Small:  1-5 Page Draft Contract = £200 plus VAT

Medium:  6-10 Page Draft Contract = £350 plus VAT

Large:  11-20 Page Draft Contract = £550 plus VAT

(And yes, this includes consultation, research, and explanations:  It includes everything to do with drafting the contract.  No hidden fees.)

What you get is a contract that fits your needs, and a precise explanation of terms. This way, your business can use the contract over and over again, and you will understand every word of it. 

To discuss your business’ contracts, or if you would like us to draft your business’ contracts, please contact us to arrange a free consultation by email on or call us on +44 0203 059 7935.

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