Monthly Retainer

Our monthly retainer is an agreed, fixed amount of money that our client agrees to pay us, on a specified day every month, as payment for our ongoing work being conducted in accordance with our client’s mandate.

£300 + VAT Employment Monthly Retainer

This monthly retainer buys your business:

- 60 minutes of solicitors professional consultation time and legal advice per month
- Any retainer unused in any month can be accrued and carried over

Because your business can accrue and carry forward any unused month on the retainer, the accumulated benefits your business can enjoy are potentially unlimited. Your monthly retainer can also be used by your business to:

- Instruct us to advise on and conduct disciplinary and grievance hearings
- Instruct us to provide mediation services
- Instruct us to draft correspondence on its behalf
- Instruct us to negotiate and prepare compromise agreements

Your monthly retainer can be as flexible as your business.

Please contact us by email on or call us on +44 0203 059 7935 to discuss your particular requirements.

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  2. Respect
  3. We value our clients
  4. We don’t waste time

  • We’re passionate about the work our clients ask us to do.
  • We’re passionate about the timeframes we’re asked to do it in.
  • We’re passionate about the results we’re asked to deliver.
  • We’re passionate about our clients, and their business.
  • So passionate, that we offer our clients the most amazing discounts,
  • a fabulous subscription service,
  • and value billing.
  • So passionate, we offer generous payment terms and settlement periods.
  • Now that’s passion.