Contingency Fee Agreement

We make this fee agreement available primarily to our clients in jurisdictions where this type of agreement is permitted.

Our contingency fee agreement (also commonly referred to as a “no win-no fee” agreement in the US) is effectively a written agreement which provides that in the event that our client’s case is successful (by way of a favourable judgment following the litigation or arbitration proceedings or favourable out of court settlement), we will be permitted in terms of the contingency fee agreement to take a percentage of the client’s favourable judgment (or recovery from the favourable out of court settlement).

It is important to note two important points, at this stage: first, on winning your case, we take a percentage of your eventual recovery; and second, if you lose your case, you will not have to pay our fees, but you may be liable to pay the other party’s costs plus disbursements (although we would attempt to arrange insurance to cover this risk, but this cannot be guaranteed in certain jurisdictions and certain types of cases).

Please contact us by email on or call us on +44 0203 059 7935 to discuss your particular requirements.

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